Introducing Stipe Lozina, a storyteller whose writing prowess knows no bounds.

Introducing Stipe Lozina, a young writer who has captured the hearts and minds of readers with his captivating storytelling. With a diverse range of genres and narratives, Lozina has proven himself to be a versatile and gifted author, adept at crafting tales that immerse readers in worlds both thrilling and thought-provoking. With an undeniable talent for crafting gripping mysteries, Lozina takes readers on thrilling journeys that delve into the depths of the human psyche.

In “The Booking,” Lozina takes readers on a harrowing journey through the realms of emotional horror, defying conventional norms and redefining the genre itself. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for creating palpable tension, he spins a tale that leaves readers questioning their own perceptions of reality. In his highly anticipated release, “The Smile Hunt,” Lozina weaves a tale of suspense that follows the troubled life of Martha Richards, an experienced investigator tormented by an unknown serial killer known only as F.J. The macabre signature of this sinister individual, a haunting smile carved into the faces of his victims, spans across several decades, leaving a chilling trail in his wake.

Introducing the Revenge of the Past series by Stipe Lozina – an epic saga that will send chills down your spine and keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. Prepare to be captivated by a master storyteller as he unveils a web of suspense, mystery, and personal transformation that will leave you yearning for more.

Step into the world of the Forrester Chronicles, a captivating series that will transport you through time and immerse you in thrilling and chilling adventures. Join Thomas Forrester and his family as they navigate treacherous paths and face unimaginable consequences across various historical eras.

In “Keep Running,” the gripping first book of the series, Thomas Forrester receives a letter that could secure his sons’ future. Little does he know that this journey will lead him to the enigmatic town of Hillsbury, where sinister secrets lurk in every corner. Uncover the dark truths alongside Thomas as he unravels the mysteries and discovers the sender of the letter, embarking on a paranormal quest like no other. “Farewell,” the mysterious second installment, thrusts you into the midst of the Cold War. Follow a soldier entangled in the world of Black Operations as he delves deep into enemy territory. As the line between sanity and terror blurs, join him and his comrades on a harrowing journey where survival becomes paramount. With each fallen comrade, the stakes rise, and the chilling truth unravels before their very eyes.

Stipe Lozina Releases New Book which is a Fine Combination of a Post Apocalyptic Fantasy and an Emotional Adventure

A young aspiring author of fiction and non-fiction books, Stipe Lozina is pleased to announce the release of his new book titled “Echoes of the Past.” The book which is now available on Amazon and other book publishing websites is a one-of-a-kind publication.

Readers will discover themselves as they read this book and what power their choices have over their lives in what could be described as one of the best apocalyptic novels in recent times.

This captivating series, now reintroduced with reinvented editions of the previous books, will immerse readers in a realm of fear, mystery, and thrilling discoveries that will leave them breathless and craving for more.

The tension rises, and a final confrontation looms, where the past and present collide, exposing the true face of evil and revealing who is truly innocent.

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other. “Innocent” is more than a book; it’s an experience. Make sure to secure your copy on Amazon starting September 30th.