Prepare to be terrified and captivated by a work of horror fiction that will push the boundaries of the genre.

In "The Booking," be prepared to have your expectations shattered as this standalone book takes a bold step in redefining the horror genre.

Follow the story of Jonathan Keaton, a beloved figure in his community, whose life takes a dark and twisted turn. Uncover the tragic events that scarred the town and the haunting secrets that lie beneath the surface. As Jonathan’s son, Jacob, unravels the shocking details of his father’s past, the chilling return of the Rainbow Killer sends the town into a frenzy. With an investigation opening and detectives discovering gruesome crime scenes, prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of horror and the darkest practices from the past.

For those seeking a collection of bone-chilling tales, "We Are So Sorry" is the perfect choice.

Dive headfirst into a world of dread as Halloween approaches.

Explore a series of horror stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join a detective as they unravel the mystery behind a string of terrifying murders haunting the city of Hillsbury. Experience the heart-pounding fear alongside a team of explorers as they venture into a cave system in search of prehistoric fossils. With each story, darkness will surround you, enveloping you in a world where the unimaginable comes to life.

Standalone Books

The Booking


“The Booking” is a standalone book of emotional horror that does not follow the known rules used in pieces of fiction.

We Are So Sorry: A Collection Of Horror Tales


Immerse yourself in the world of horror stories waiting for you in “We Are So Sorry”.