September 28th / 2023. / 12:00 AM

“Innocent” Release Plan Revealed: A Thrilling Journey into the Heart of Darkness

Get ready to be spellbound by the much-anticipated release of “Innocent,” the latest spine-tingling masterpiece from the acclaimed author Stipe Lozina. This chilling thriller is set to captivate readers when it makes its debut on Amazon on September 30th, 2023. But that’s just the beginning of the suspense!

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable reading experience as “Innocent” will be unleashed across several other major book retailers, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson, and more (stay tuned for additional announcements) starting on October 17th, 2023. For those who can’t wait, we have some thrilling news – “Innocent” will be available on the subscription service Scribd three days earlier, on October 14th, 2023!

September 19th / 2023. / 12:00 AM

Unmask the Ravenbale Slasher in the Upcoming Thriller “Innocent”

Prepare to be immersed in a world of mystery, suspense, and twisted intrigue with the upcoming release of “Innocent” by acclaimed author Stipe Lozina. This gripping novel takes readers on a thrilling journey through the haunting streets of Ravenbale, a town burdened by the sinister legacy of its most infamous resident, the Ravenbale Slasher. Scheduled for release on September 30th, 2023, “Innocent” promises to immerse readers in a deadly game of homage and vengeance.

Set in Ravenbale, the story follows Evelyn Clark, whose life takes a terrifying turn when she receives an unexpected phone call. Drawn into the twisted world of the Ravenbale Slasher’s legacy, Evelyn becomes the target of a masked figure determined to recreate the past murders. This vengeful recreation originates from the bloodline of the very Slasher who once terrorized the town. With the lives of Evelyn and her friends hanging in the balance, they must navigate a web of secrets that has plagued Ravenbale for decades, connecting the dark past to the present.

June 7th / 2023. / 12:00 AM

Author Stipe Lozina Unveils the Gripping Relaunch of “Revenge of the Past” Series

Stipe Lozina, an ambitious and talented author hailing from Croatia, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated relaunch of the “Revenge of the Past” series. This captivating series, now reintroduced with reinvented editions of the previous books, will immerse readers in a realm of fear, mystery, and thrilling discoveries that will leave them breathless and craving for more.

The journey begins with “Dead Man’s Switch”, the introductory book that thrusts readers into a world of psychological terror. As a notorious murderer from the past resurfaces, chaos ensues, and readers follow the relentless Detective William Folley as he unravels the motive and dark secrets behind the chilling plan. Brace yourself for a suspenseful ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

June 2nd / 2023. / 8:00 PM

Stipe Lozina Announces New Plans For His Upcoming Books

Get ready for a double dose of heart-pounding suspense as Stipe Lozina announces his upcoming books: “Innocent” and “The Smile Hunt.”

Enter the twisted streets of Ravenbale in “Innocent,” a chilling thriller that unravels the dark legacy of the town’s most infamous resident, the Ravenbale Slasher. Follow Evelyn Clark as she receives a life-altering phone call, thrusting her into a deadly game of homage and vengeance. With the masked figure seeking to recreate past murders, Evelyn and her friends must unearth long-held secrets that connect the past to the present. As tensions rise and alliances fracture, the truth behind the Slasher’s reign of terror is unveiled. Prepare for a final confrontation that will expose the true face of evil and redefine the meaning of innocence. “Innocent” will be available on September 22nd, 2023.

Join seasoned investigator Martha Richards in “The Smile Hunt,” a gripping mystery that will send shivers down your spine. Faced with an unknown serial killer who leaves behind a chilling trademark, a smile carved into each victim’s face, Martha must confront her own haunting past as she realizes the killer is closer to her than she could have ever imagined. As the body count rises and the clock ticks, Martha races against time, deciphering cryptic clues to unmask the identity of the killer. With relentless suspense and unexpected twists, “The Smile Hunt” will keep you guessing until the very end. Prepare for an unforgettable journey alongside Martha Richards as she risks everything to put an end to the smile murders. Get ready for the release on November 23rd, 2023.

With Stipe Lozina’s signature storytelling, these upcoming books promise to deliver non-stop thrills, relentless suspense, and unforgettable characters. Prepare to lose yourself in the depths of Ravenbale’s secrets and embark on a chilling hunt for the truth. Mark your calendars, as “Innocent” and “The Smile Hunt” are set to captivate readers worldwide with their release dates just around the corner!