The Booking

$4.99 – $9.99

“A middle-aged man by the name of Jonathan Keaton had been beloved by the people around him, as throughout his younger life, he has provided his hometown with many noble deeds…

Together, with his wife Sarah, they were the founders of the Lancastville orphanage, an institution that had become a shining light for the community, and as the years passed, the two of them would form a family of their own…

Not long after, countless tragedies would occur, forever leaving an irreversible wound on the town and its people… Fifteen years later, Jacob, the now eighteen-year-old son of Jonathan begins to find out shocking details surrounding his father’s past, and as more time passes, secrets begin to unveil themselves, as the Rainbow Killer returns once more…

An investigation is opened, and the detectives involved discover gruesome crime scenes, all of them, containing horrifying practices, practices made in the past…”

“The Booking” is a standalone book of emotional horror that does not follow the known rules used in pieces of fiction.

“The Booking” has a set goal of redefining crucial aspects of the horror genre itself.

A Twisted Psychological Thriller

Dead Man's Switch

$0.99 – $6.99

“While the return of a notorious murderer from the past starts causing chaos, a detective by the name of William Folley must discover the motive and the dark secret behind his plan…”

“Revenge of the Past” is a psychological thriller book series that immerses the reader in a horror-filled plot, where common book series trends are twisted and invented in a new unseen way of fiction.

“Dead Man’s Switch” is the introductory book in the “Revenge of the Past” series, where the reader is immersed in a story of psychological terror

A Terrorizing Paranormal Story

Keep Running

$0.99 – $6.99

“As Thomas Forrester receives a letter that could secure the future of his sons, he embarks on a dark journey which will lead him to unimaginable consequences.

He arrives to the strange town of Hillsbury, and as time passes, he begins finding out more and more about its sinister background.

Upon meeting three priests, he discovers who the sender of the letter is.

The Vatican…”

Every book in the “Forrester Chronicles” is a story of its own, and is connected to other chronicles by the characters you follow.

“Keep Running” is the introductory book of the “Forrester Chronicles”, a series of stories that are set in several historical points in time.




“Echoes of the Past” will tell a story of a man named Peter Folley, a prisoner who would finish his ten year sentence after a crime he deeply regretted, a crime that cost him his family…
You will find yourself in a story set in an ongoing zombie apocalypse, following a man having an unbreakable goal of finding his son…

As the pages will turn, Peter will meet several people, all having their own goals of survival in the new world before them…

Some will be caring and friendly, others will not
The story of “Echoes of the Past” comes with a twist, however…

Throughout the novel, YOU, the reader, will be making crucial choices that could affect the experience, the overall progression, and the ending of the story.

“Echoes of the Past” will mark a beginning of a trilogy, having a story shaped by the choices you make.

The choices you make will alter the environment step by step, leading to both downfalls and salvations of the characters Peter Folley will meet as the story progresses, as well as the locations around them.

There will be grief and sorrow

As will there be hope and light

“Echoes of the Past” will not tell an ordinary story.

“Echoes of the Past” will tell YOUR story.