Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling journey through time and history.

Starting with "Keep Running," immerse yourself in a terrorizing paranormal story that will leave you breathless.

Join Thomas Forrester as he receives a mysterious letter that holds the key to his sons’ future. Little does he know that this journey will take him to the eerie town of Hillsbury, shrouded in sinister secrets. With each passing day, Thomas uncovers more about the town’s dark past, leading him to an encounter with three enigmatic priests and a shocking revelation—the sender of the letter is none other than the Vatican itself. Brace yourself for a thrilling and suspenseful ride as Thomas delves deeper into the unknown.

Encounter mysteries, secrets, and pulse-pounding suspense.

In the second standalone book of the series, "Farewell," prepare to be transported to the treacherous landscape of the Cold War.

Step into the shoes of a soldier entangled in the world of Black Operations, where secrets and danger lurk at every turn. As the soldier unravels the truth behind their presence in enemy territory, the stakes rise higher, and the line between terror and sanity blurs. Experience the gripping psychological twists and turns as comrades fall and the chilling grip of fear tightens.

Forrester Chronicles Series

Keep Running: A Terrorizing Paranormal Story


“Keep Running” is the introductory book of the “Forrester Chronicles”.

Farewell: A Cold War Thriller


“Farewell”, the second standalone book in the “Forrester Chronicles” series tells a twisted psychological story set during the period of the Cold War.