Embark on an unparalleled narrative experience.

Step into a world ravaged by the undead in the immersive and groundbreaking "Our Story" trilogy, starting with "Echoes of the Past."

Join Peter Folley, a man driven by an unbreakable goal to find his son, as he navigates an ongoing zombie apocalypse. But this isn’t just any ordinary story. Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience, as the choices you make will shape the narrative, its progression, and its ending.


In “Echoes of the Past,” you will make crucial decisions that alter the environment, leading to both triumphs and tragedies for the characters you encounter. Experience grief and sorrow, alongside moments of hope and light, as the story unfolds according to your choices. This is not just a zombie apocalypse novel—it’s YOUR story, where you hold the power to determine the fate of Peter Folley and the world around him. Get ready for a thrilling adventure like no other.

Our Story Series

Echoes of the Past


A Zombie Apocalypse Novel Shaped by the Choices You Make. Featured on Several Media Outlets!

Continue the journey.

The "Our Story Memories" series delves into the lives of key characters from "Echoes of the Past."

In “I Need You To Forgive: Kenlee’s Memory,” follow Kenlee as he grapples with the weight of protecting his son and a girl named Skye in a world filled with danger. Witness the lengths he will go to ensure their safety, and discover the depths of his love and sacrifice.

Shape the story with your choices.

Uncover the haunting tale of Shawne in "Do Not Forget: Shawne's Memory."

Set before the events of the “Our Story” trilogy, Shawne finds herself alone, caring for her child in a world on the brink of collapse. Join her as she forms unlikely alliances and faces the harrowing challenges of survival. Witness the resilience of the human spirit as Shawne’s family becomes her driving force to endure.

Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world.

Finally, journey alongside Len in "Let Him Understand: Len's Memory."

As a husband and father, Len strives to protect his loved ones in a rapidly changing world. Encounter the enigmatic group known as The Shadowed and discover the profound impact they will have on Len’s life. Brace yourself for a riveting story of sacrifice, love, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

Our Story: Memories

I Need You To Forgive: Kenlee's Memory


This is the story of the character Kenlee from “Echoes of the Past”, set after the first book of the “Our Story” trilogy.

Do Not Forget: Shawne's Memory


This is the story of the character Shawne from “Echoes of the Past”, set before the “Our Story” trilogy.

Let Him Understand: Len's Memory


This is the story of the character Len from “Echoes of the Past”, set before the “Our Story” trilogy.